NY style studio apartment, divided between office and home use

This studio apartment was a bit of a diversion from the styles clients typically ask for in a renovation. We were tasked with bringing a bit of New York styling to the project, with a great deal of exposed brickwork and a very open-plan feel. The job was also complicated by the requirement that most of the space be devoted to use as an office with desks for 4+ workers, and both formal and informal meeting spaces. The remainder was to become a fully featured one bedroom apartment.

Both requirements came together perfectly, with the open plan kitchen and bathroom complementing the efficient, modern office styling, but the bedroom remaining large and bright enough to be used very comfortably for full-time occupation.

Note the dark-stained hardwood floors throughout and the beautiful reconditioning of the existing brickwork. The result is a very bright, open and inviting space which feels a great deal larger than it really is.